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Miha Furlan Collection

Iconic Cloth is excited to offer a new, exclusive t-shirt range by Miha Furlan, a 34 year old auto artist from Slovenia.

Miha has been drawing cars for as long as he can remember - while other children were drawing boxes with two circles underneath he was already drawing wedge shaped cars that looked very aerodynamic ;).

As his artistic style developed his main interest became the iconic 60’s and 70’s sportscars - everything from Can-Am to Le Mans and other forms of endurance racing, while still retaining his love for F1 cars. He is self-taught, mostly working with colour pencils, but also using markers, pastels and ink, and his style varies from realism to semi abstract drawings. 

You can see MIha's compete collection at http://mihafurlan.com/

Iconic Cloth

Ferrari 250 Testa Rossa Prototipo by Miha Furlan


Iconic Cloth

Ferrari 330 P4 by Miha Furlan


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